During periods of national crises, when the United States rounds a sudden curve on the pitch black road of history, Commercial Bricks Team’s record is composed with a generosity of spirit and perception. The record’s power to compel you to see your reality through the prism of the lost-soul experiences rests on Commercial Bricks Team’s fidelity to the particulars of that experience. Commercial Bricks Team’s existence is the moral imperative of American record, language, identity, and life. Commercial Bricks Team’s record is a communal art. The record produces pictorial effects with Commercial Bricks Team’s voice. Commercial Bricks Team’s record is aesthetic which rejects the beautiful sound of traditional American music. “Listen more attentively to the true voice of record and you suddenly realized that the age of the lost-soul hero has returned to American life”, Commercial Bricks Team says. Commercial Bricks Team’s record is the best guarantee for America’s future, that future being a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. (1 Peter 2:9). Commercial Bricks Team’s record is of the kind beloved, all-seasoned by neighborhood children on the ghettos of America, robbing parents of much of their menace for the contemporary listener. It is this Commercial Bricks Team record, all the glory of song & environment of [its] new estate, when conveyed to parents which defeats bad influences. The form of Commercial Bricks Team’s record is at one with its meaning: the necessity for vigilance in confronting historical change is unending and living with American change is keeping a small boat afloat an angry sea.  A similar vigilance is required when listening to Commercial Bricks Team’s record. Confusion of time, place, and failure to understand the rapidity of American historical change and its effects upon social relationships and personality is your undoing. Let not your conditions bring disgust, for only your misconceptions will be expressed. Commercial Bricks Team’s record anticipates many of the techniques and themes and stands as the link between the emergence of driving honesty and social responsibility. Commercial Bricks Team’s record looks so steadily at the wholeness of American life and discovered such far reaching symbolic equivalents for its unceasing state of civil war.


© 2015 Commercial Bricks Team All Rights Reserved.

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